Friday, September 17, 2021

REBELONGING by Sabrina Stark


How do you come back from the biggest screw-up of your life? That's the question for Lawton Rastor, the billionaire bad boy from Detroit, after he lets the girl of his dreams not just slip through his fingers, but run away, fast – and with good reason. How do you resist a guy who's irresistible? That's the question for Chloe Malinski, the world's most overqualified waitress, after a nightmarish night leaves her vowing to avoid her fantasy guy for good – no matter how hard he works to win her back.

Chloe finds Lawton impossible to resist. Lawton finds Chloe impossible to forget. But finding that place to belong isn't easy when neither one knows where the other truly comes from.


This is a full length book - and I think that it could have been cut down by a few pages.

The issue I mentioned in Unbelonging ... is still here in this book for about 90% of the time. It takes that long for Chloe to say all the right words to Lawton that she is a house sitter - she does not live there - and he doesn't care! He loves her - she loves him - that is the response she should have expected.

The back story about the Parkers ... it added to the story ... but I didn't feel that it was essential. It would have been great to have seen the story of Chloe's family feature a little more predominately than in the last part of the book only. The odd phone call here or there ... it needed more I think, and the story could have grown even further.

As in most stories - there is a happy ending ... I liked this book - just felt a little let down with the story

RATING : ♥ ♥ ♥

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