Saturday, September 11, 2021

FAITHLESS by Julie Johnson


After twenty years in the same small town, Faith Morrissey throws caution to the wind and books herself a one-way ticket to Europe. She's not sure what to expect from her year-long study abroad trip, but she wants - needs - something different. Something exciting. Something that sets her soul on fire and makes her heart pound a bit too fast inside her chest.

Enter: him.

Dark-eyed, dangerous, and utterly irresistible. One look at Wes, and she's a goner - despite all the warning signs that tell her he's trouble. The more time they spend together, the more apparent it becomes that he's keeping secrets. Secrets that could jeopardize not only their future together... but their very lives.

When the truth about Wes finally comes to light, Faith will be forced to decide: what do you do if the love of your life is living a lie?


Nice read - Boy meets Girl - and so the story begins to unfold. Faith with her innocence is mesmerized by Wes' looks and mystery ... what a combination!

The chapters alternate - one is Faith's look at events and then the next one is from Wes' outlook. The story flows quite well ... I didn't find myself trying to recall events or conversations, so I felt that everything just slotted into space nicely. I felt like the ending came quite quickly when Wes realised that he had left Faith vulnerable by not realising who the leak in the agency was before he left.

All that said - it was an enjoyable read ....

RATING : ♥ ♥ ♥

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