Friday, January 21, 2011

NIGHT STAR by Alyson Noel

First Published in 2010 by Martin's Press (US)
Paperback : 302 Pages
ISBN : 978 0 330 52811 - 5


There are some secrets you're better off not knowing.
But once Ever Bloom is given a glimpse of what Damen is keeping from her, she has to find out more - whatever the cost.

Their past together is not what she thinks - and only he remembers everything. Until now, when a vengeful friend lets her in on his secret. And it may just push Ever into someone else's arms ...

This is Book 5 in the Immortals series.

Damon and Ever can still only truly be together in Summerland ... the spell has not been broken, and they continue in their search for a way to break the spell that was placed on them by Roman.

Haven is on a mission to destroy the relationships Ever has with Damon and Jude and goes out of her way to make life a living hell for Ever. She tells Ever that there are secrets Damon is keeping from her that will change the way she feels. Ever searches for answers and stumbles across something that makes her heart heavy and her mind crazy. At this time, Jude is there to support her, unsure why she is keeping her distance from Damon, but also hoping that it could be the start for them as a couple.

Throughout this book - the story takes many twists and turns - Miles is the surprise, coming back from a summer in Paris, with his mind and eyes open and looking pretty hot if he says so himself!

Read this book - you will feel the love and the pain, and at the end, be looking for the next book - there has to be another one!

RATING : 7/10

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