Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Bend in Redwood Road (Missing Pieces #1) - by Danielle Stewart


Most days it's manageable. No more than a quiet wondering around the edges of her mind.
What has become of the baby she left behind?
Smiling through the pain and suffering in silence, Leslie Laudon marches forward. Embracing the life skillfully designed by her husband Paul. Living right could be penance for an impossible choice made with an uneasy heart. Dutiful and anchoring, Leslie poured herself into her other children. Nurturing them through infancy, protecting them as toddlers, guiding them as teens. As her youngest child heads off to college with her suitcases and coordinating dorm room accessories, so goes Leslie’s identity. The chaotic life of a busy working mother threatens to become dangerously quiet. Quiet enough to hear the voices she’s tried to silence for decades.
Gwen Fox was adopted by two perfect people. Noel and Millie have always treated her the same as their two biological sons. Her parents love is strong and unwavering, yet a soul-deep ache still lingers. Plagued by an unnamed, hard to explain, longing Gwen could never shake.
Riddled with doubt and dragged down by the undertow of unanswered questions, Leslie and Gwen both find their lives suddenly upended. One seeks the truth about the day she was born. The other seeks herself, the woman she was before motherhood. Before she made a choice to leave a piece of her heart lying asleep in the hospital nursery.
In this complex journey for answers, blame is abundant. Guilt is thick enough to choke on. Marriages are brought to the brink of disaster. As the ripples of the past vibrate through their lives, Gwen and Leslie realize there is no turning back. What they have put into motion cannot be stopped. The road toward the truth will be littered with casualties.

First published in 2019    Kindle Edition : 306 Pages


There is a style of writing that seems to be coming more and more common these days - chapters looking at the story from the point of view of 2 characters in the book. I am getting used to it ... it's an interesting style to write to get a complete rounded story out there.

Anyway .... this story is about loss, and discovery. Heartbreak and Love ... this story tells us that everything is not as it seems ... to the outsider and even to those on the inside who think that they know everything they need to know about their family.

I think that the way this story unfolded was well done. We get to see inside Leslie's mind and learn all the heartbreak she had to go through years earlier, to give her children a life that she thought they deserved, with a man who she believed that she loved more than anything. Time and events will change the way we all look at things through our lives, and Leslie does learn this.

Gwen has always known she was adopted and she has been fine with it - up until 2 years ago, when events made her start questioning who her parents were, why they gave her up, where are they now ... and so she does a DNA test that starts a rollercoaste ride for everyone in her life.

There is a twist ... and it's a good one ... 

Do yourself a favor and read this book ... I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

RATING : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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