Thursday, September 15, 2011

Morning Chatter ♥

Good Morning everyone ... and I am sorry for my absence ... it's just been very hectic for us lately with real life.

Real life has been up and down lately - one of my boys has moved back home, which is good as I enjoy his company ... he really can make me laugh. On the downside, my hubby was involved in a bad road rage incident, where he was bashed by some thug - and all the witnesses said that my hubby didn't do anything wrong. Unfortunately, it looks like the guy was driving a car with false number plates, so the police really have their hands tied ... so looks like the mongrel will get away with it.

But that is behind us now ... and things are starting to look up. And with Spring on us here in OZ - and a beautiful sunny day today, it's hard not to be positive about the future

I have been doing alot of reading to help me chill out and will try to get all the reviews posted asap. And I will be doing alot of blog hopping today ... wonder what little treats I will find?

Have a great day everyone ♥

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