Friday, December 17, 2010

Her Bodyguard by Mallory Kane

MILLS AND BOON ... Intrigue Series
First Published in 2010

Always stubborn and independent, Angela Grayson thought she could take care of herself. Lucas Delancey knew better. Someone was stalking his best friend's little sister, and Lucas wasn't going to leave her side until he knew she was safe. Even though that meant he'd spend torturous hours resisting the curve of her lips.

Angela didn't want a bodyguard. Especially one who'd rejected her after one soul-melting kiss a lifetime ago. But she was in over her head. And she knew she could trust Lucas to protect her. She just didn't know if she trusted him not to break her heart again....

Okay - so I have been disappointed with the last few books I've read, so thought that I would try a totally different genre ...omg what was I thinking????
This book didn't have much to keep me reading except that I hate to say that I couldn't make it right through to the end of the book. Predictable - in a nutshell ... right down to when this couple would make it in to bed, and how they would end up together. Throw in a dodgy wannabe criminal trying to prove himself to daddy dearest who is on trial - need I say more?

Now I know why I stopped reading these books years ago.

RATING : 4/10

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