Friday, May 28, 2010

: Fantastic Friday Again :

Waving - big hello to everyone ... hope your Friday passes quickly and you can settle down to enjoying your weekend .. whatever you have planned.

I held my regular meditation class this morning ... then headed out in search of some books for my daughter-in-law ... she only has 7 weeks to go before she has her 2nd baby ... and in desperate need of some books to pass some time. Managed to pick her up 5 second hand ... hope that she enjoys them.

Just about to head out and do the grocery shopping ... but wanted to remind you all about my Giveaway that closes at 11.59pm on May 31st ... you can find the link under GIVEAWAYS.
I am reading SPIRIT BOUND (Richelle Mead) and continuing on ... from last week ... Chapter 12 and first sentence is ....
Which was confirmed when we finally stumbled back to the Royal Court

Feel free to share the same info with me from the book you are reading


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