Wednesday, October 6, 2010

: Wings by Aprilynne Pike :

First Published in 2009
Paperback - 360 pages
ISBN - 13-978-0-00-731436-2

Laurel has always lived as an
ordinary girl ... but now something is happening
to her. Something magical.

In this enchanting tale of magic,
romance and danger, everything you thought
you knew about faeries will be changed

Yes ... it's true ... a book on faeries that has some truly original elements to it.
We follow the story of Laurel ... leaving the comfort of home schooling and attending high school - and finds herself being befriended by the most gorgeous guy in the school.

The awakening of Laurel as a faerie, and the way she deals with it is done nicely. And true to form, as her relationship with David has blossomed into teenage romance, she decides to let him in on her little secret, scared that he may leave her and hoping that he doesn't.

Laurel finds herself caught between David (human boyfriend) and Tamani (fae boyfriend from the past). She is still so caught up in her human existence and her very strong feelings for David, but can't quite dismiss what she feels for Tamani either.

So ... back to normal everyday life, which includes ups and downs with family and friends (not telling - you have to read it for yourself) and then throw in some trolls who are trying to gain control of the land that their previous house lives on ... as they want to find the gates to Avalon.

I enjoyed the story - loved the originality of the blossom, and loved the little love triangle. I felt the emotions throughout the book and also could vividly conjure up a picture of the trolls in my mind - not a pretty sight!!!!

The story flowed well, and being the first of a series of 4 books, I think this series has alot of potential to expand the story in a few directions ... Avalon, her family, her feelings for David compared to Tamani etc

I enjoyed this and think you will find this nice reading.



Nomes said...

i enjoyed this one too - it felt quite relaxing compared to other faerie books that can sometimes be full-on.

i think it'll make a great movie too!

Denny said...

Yeah - wonder who they will get to play David and Tamani ...Miley as Laurel should be okay