Wednesday, August 11, 2010

: Moonlight by Rachel Hawthorne :

Publisher : Harper Teen 2009
Pages : 263 (Paperback)
ISBN : 978-0-06-170955-5

Kayla has always felt a kinship with nature. Adopted as a child, Kayla has no idea that she’s inherited the gene that will turn her into a wolf. She can’t understand why she’s so drawn to distant, aloof Lucas...

As the leader of the Dark Guardians, a pack of werewolves that gather in the national forest, Lucas must watch Kayla until she discovers her destiny as his perfect other half. Just when Kayla finally begins to understand her fate, a new danger that threatens their very existence.

This book was very easy to read, and it is a book that teens would definately enjoy. The strange attraction that Kayla feels towards Lucas, unsure exactly what is going on in his head, well, I guess we have all been there at one time or another.

The storyline is a little predictable, but it's enjoyable. You get the sense from early on in the book that Kayla and Lucas will end up together, which does happen ... with a commitment made for life.

I guess that I found it a little hard to believe that after capturing the 'werewolf', that they would leave only one person guarding it, that Kayla would be able to sneak up and knock out the guard, and that the lock would be so easy to open, allowing Kayla to save the wolf, and ultimately discover that it was Lucas, after he had shapeshifted.

Teens will enjoy it - this is light reading, and quick to get through. YA & seasoned readers might get a little bored with it.

RATING : 5/10

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