Monday, July 12, 2010

: Full of the Flu :

So feeling a little sorry for myself right now ... lol
Staying warm and snuggled up on the couch ... reading and watching some movies.

So far .. I have watched Nora Roberts MIDNIGHT BAYOU and TRIBUTE - not bad - both movies remind me of the Danielle Steele movies that I used to watch a few years ago.

Looking for more to watch if this flu doesn't clear up, so feel free to suggest something - anything ... I don't mind.

- Stay Healthy -


Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Hmm, first off I hope you feel better soon and quickly. Having the flu sucks it's just that feeling of not wanting to do anything and feeling like you'll never get better. -___- I hate it haha.

As to movies well have you tried watching all of the movies that are based on books that are on dvd? Like read the book, watch the movie? Lol. Not really sure what movies you're into but I suggest The Golden Compass if you like Fantasy.

As you said hope you stay healthier after this flu and may it come back no more. =D

Denny said...

Thanks Michael ... I haven't seen the Golden Compass by have read the book - it's one of the movies on the 'to watch' pile ... which is nearly as big as my 'to read' pile

Just about to have some vege soup and toast, and get back on the couch ... so will grab the Golden Compass and watch it this afternoon.

Thanks ... good health to you xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Oh Denny, so sorry to hear you are sick :-( I especially hate to have a cold/flu in warm weather. Sending you virtual healing vibes!

Watch some nice rom coms, chick flicks, they are the kind of light entertainment I like to watch wehn sick :-)

Hope you'll get better soon, sleep a lot and get some rest while you are forced to stay at home/in bed!

Denny said...

Thanks Stella ... best thing I did yesterday was sit around and watch movies and nothing else ... feel like I have a bit more energy today ... thanks for the healing vibes!