Friday, July 30, 2010

: Friday Chatter - July 30th 2010 :

I just don't know where this week has gone - all of a sudden it's Friday and I am not all that sure what I did this week. LOL ... is it an age thing?
On a happy note - today was my last day of meditation classes at the Healing Centre ... I am now concentrating on holding the classes at home, and building on the wonderful people that already come along and enjoy the relaxation and inner calm from looking inside.

I haven't bought any books yet this week - or received any in the mail ... so plan on going out tomorrow and having a look around, try to find a bargain. I am thinking of trying some Historical Romance for a change - I do miss reading them.
I hope that you all have a wonderful day and weekend ... enjoy the written word!
My Friday " Book Share "
Feel free to share back with me ...
Just open your book up - and post a sentence or two (a little more if you want) ... from anywhere in the book. Oh, and share the book title and author please! Thanks xoxoxo

Lucas paused and I knew he remained worried. He wanted to ask more questions, and I didn't want him to ask. I wanted to pretend that none of it had ever happened. I needed to pretend that, just for a little while.
(Hourglass by Claudia Gray - Page 226)

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