Friday, July 16, 2010

: Friday Chatter - July 16th 2010

TGIF - it's that time of the week again ... and I am glad to see this week come to a close - mainly because I have been sick but on the road to recovery now - just need to shake this rotten head cold and the headache that won't go away. I am heading down to see my beautiful granddaughters tomorrow ... that's always a good thing.


Glimmerglass by Jenna Black ... I have been wanting to read this for awhile and now have it safely added to the 'to read pile' Check out Jenna's site and keep up to date with what she is doing now ... JENNA BLACK
I hadn't read any of these books by Rachel Hawthorne ... and saw this series on special - so bought the lot!
I have been searching for the full set of these books by Vicki Petterson for awhile now ... and could only ever find Book 1 and 3 - but not this week - all 3 of them jumped out at me from the shelves, so grabbed them ... hehe ... I think my 'to read pile' is starting to shake ... it's getting so big!
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My Friday " Book Share "
Feel free to share back with me ...
Just open your book up - and post a sentence or two (a little more if you want) ... from anywhere in the book. Oh, and share the book title and author please! Thanks xoxoxo

Neither the car or her mother showed on Monday. On Tuesday, when her patience ran thin, Mac's calls to her mother's house and cell went directly to voice mail.
By Wednesday, she actively entertained the thought of reporting her car stolen. But then she'd just have to bail her mother out of jail.
(Vision In White by Nora Roberts - Chapter 15)


Nomes said...

I keep picking up Glimmerglass every time I go the the bookshop... I think I'll end up buying it. looking forward to your thoughts on it :)

Denny said...

No problems Nomes ... watch this spot ... lol