Friday, June 11, 2010

T.G.I.F. again ... hehe

Good morning everyone ... another Friday has rolled around ... and we have the Queen's birthday weekend here ... we are heading down to see my folks tomorrow, so I won't be around until late. It's wet and cold, and I am dreading the rest of winter ... I really don't like the cold weather ... but that said, it's always a good time to stay inside and read a book!

And guess what? I have notched up 50 blog posts in a short space of time ... so I made a little tag to brag about it. Feel free to snag if you want ... just don't change anything as this is PTU art. I am guessing that so many of you have well passed the 50 posts anyway.

So for my typical Friday " Book Share "
Changing this up a bit ... just open your book up - and post a sentence or two (a little more if you want) ... from anywhere in the book. Oh, and share the book title and author please! Thanks xoxoxo

I have just finished Sarah Dessen's THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER ...
Page 203 ... hehe

"No" she said, flipping the book over to read the back cover. "It's right here! And it's totally you and Wes. You can't be together, which is exactly why you want to be. And why you can't admit it to us, because that would make it less secret and less passionate."

Have an amazing day!

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