Sunday, June 6, 2010

: Book Storage :

Okay - so I am fast running out of storage for my books ... and my dvd's!
So I have been searching for a new bookcase ... and came across this one on a blog ... I love it! Looks so nice ... and just the perfect size to slot into that small space.

But then again ... I found this one on the IKEA website, and would work out okay too ... they have smaller and bigger bookcases ... so might just head over there on the long weekend and check them out in person.

I get a bit pedantic about my books - like to keep the same author's books together ... and even better, to have the same genre of books together as well.

How do you organize your books?

My pet peeve ... when an author does a series of books, and book # 4 (for example) is 1/2" taller than the other books in the series. Can't help it ... lol

I am off to snuggle down in a chair with BLUE MOON, a cup of coffee and possibly a blanket. My footy team is playing in a couple of hours (GO DOGGIES) ... so might just get myself well and truly comfortable ... xoxoxoxo


Michael Antonio Araujo said...

I'm not really one to keep all the authors together. Since I don't have that many books where it's the same author who wrote different series. But many different authors and I know what you mean with the books. I have this series called Sword of Truth Series and the last book is a bit taller and it's really bugging me. I'm trying to look for the same size book.

Another thing that bugs me is when the covers don't really match. Ugh it's a peeve haha.

I need to look for a new bookcase soon also or get the special one my dad's friend is making since I have no space right now. =D

Denny said...

Guess it must be an OCD thing with me ... I also tend to keep the books in a series in order .. and get quite frazzled when I find someone taking them out and just putting them back anywhere ...

I like the covers to match too ... makes them more appealing ... hehe. And glad to see someone else feels the same about 1 book being bigger than the others ... I knew it just couldn't be me.

I am getting way too many books (say some) - I say not enough ... each one is special!

Have an awesome day Michael