Friday, November 19, 2021

Sisters (Sun Valley Series : Book 1) - Kellie Coates Gilbert


 Set in America’s original ski resort, Sun Valley, Idaho—SISTERS offers a thought-provoking look at three women . . . and the choices they make when they realize their lives aren’t exactly what they expected.

Karyn Macadam is starting over after losing her husband to a skiing accident. A chance encounter with a back country pilot might be this young widow’s one shot at a new beginning, but only if she can let go of the past.

Leigh Ann Blackburn is the perfect wife, until her husband grows more distant and she believes the worst. An outrageous plan to save her marriage turns the situation on its head and she soon learns not everything is as it seems.

Joie Abbott, who always finds a way to mess up her life, has done it yet again. This time a bitter betrayal threatens to expose a heartache she desperately wants to keep secret, especially from her family.

Through romance and heartbreak, laughter and tears . . . life is always better with your sisters at your side.

Published : 1st March 2017   Print Length : 320 Pages  


I did find this book was easy to settle down to read ... I enjoyed the sisters being different from each other and also leading different lifestyles ... instead of them being totally in sync with each other in so many ways. They did always know when something was wrong with the an other sister but they did spend a lot of time dealing with their own lives and jobs which I did like.

Book 1 .. I did enjoy it .... the writing of the story felt real, not forced and being able to keep the 3 very different sisters lives and loves felt so true and the romance that started to show through their stories was great.

Anyone that picks this up will find it very enjoyable.

RATING : ♥ ♥ ♥

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