Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ink Exchange by Melissa Mar

First Published in Great Britain in 2008 by Harper Collins

Paperback : 313 Pages
ISBN : 13-978-0-00-726717-0

Images cluttered the page, but one tattoo set her nerves on edge; inky-black eyes surrounded by wings like shadows coalescing.

Mine. The need was overpowering. Leslie looked up. "This one," she said. " I need this one."

But the image is more than just tempting art, and it draws Leslie into a world of shadows and desire ... into the world of Faerie.

The 2nd book in the series and it was a nice change to find that the focus was moved to Leslie, one of Aislinn's troubled friends. Leslie's home life can only be described as horrid, and when she finds herself being drawn to the tattoo shown to her by Rabbit, she has no idea that the home life she is trying to leave behind, is only the beginning.

Irial has chosen Rabbit to tattoo those that find themselves drawn to the mystical art. And when Leslie finds herself latching on to the tattoo ... she finds out that it not what she bargained for. Irial is King of the Dark Fae and he wants Leslie, he can feel the tattoo working to strengthen the connection between the two of them. Leslie begins to wonder what is happening to her and why Irial is the one 'person' she feels herself being drawn to.

Must be hard when your best friend begins to get caught up in all the Fae goings on .. but Aislinn finds a way to protect her friend the best way that she can, not totally filling Leslie in on everything, in the hope that they can break the bond between Irial and Leslie and let her get on with her life.

Unfortunately, things don't always go to plan ... for Leslie or Irial. As things unfold, things will happen that you won't see coming, but you will be pleasantly surprised.

This story ... even though centred more around the Dark Fae ... is not boring, story once again flows well, and leaves you with hope for Leslie and Irial ... this is worth reading.

RATING : 7/10


Danielle Zappavigna said...

I liked this one and the first, but the story's gone downhill from there a bit. I've still read them to see where the stories go, and they're not terrible, but not as good as the first two.

Denny said...

I am going to agree with you ... Radiant Shadows disappointed me alot!